Last Day Rules: Survival logoDo you like action and thriller featured games? Are you in love with guns and other weapons? Or just looking for survival adventures? If yes, then for sure you are at the right place!

The Last Day Rules: Survival is the game for you to go! Get ready for the craziest and amazing experience you will ever have. In addition, the most interesting part is that it gets even more joyous and exciting as you go! So what is this game all about? Its functions and features? That is why we are here for you. So sit back, relax, and let us tell you about this game.

Last Day Rules: Survival for PC

This game will give you the experience of a real thrilling fight. It is free to play multiplayer online battlefield game. Almost 300 unarmed fighters jumps from a cargo plane using parachutes and land straight into battlefield. As we can judge this game by its name that, it is a survival game. Therefore, it is all about do or die situation; you have to either fight or defend failure to do so will make you a dead man. This game “Last Day Rules: Survival” is a multiplayer-only sandbox survival game on cell phone device game where many players not only fight with others players but also fight for survival. The main focus of the game is to survive to the end till your last breathe. Player must have to take care of their food and thirst. In short, you have to take care of your life yourself for survival. The looming threat of dangerous wildlife is always around, followed by the beginning menace of several players fighting for their lives. It is to be noted that handmade weapons can be defeated with persistence.

Amazing Features

The best part of The Last Day Rules: Survival are its highest paramount features, which have been continuously boasting up the thirst of its players. One of the game features is crafting, which is rarely limited until the development of particular tools in the game’s open environment. To stay safe, players must made bases or hold clans to improve their chance of staying alive. Raiding is a main part of the game and is emphasized by importantly clans.
Last Day Rules: Survival for PC

List of features

    • Backyard: It is your whole island: yes as you start to remove out other fighters first! This game has a big map, which is very rare in other games. Discover every side of the deserted island, an abandoned mine, post, world airport, a broken down college, and a freezing cold forest-up in the higher lands. For scavenging, you to do important things in order otherwise you will not survive. Therefore, first things first! Moreover, be careful of threats and dangers from all sides.
    • The main goal is to survive in every condition: You will have just a rock and torch initially. Some common materials can help you to cut down trees and break stones into pieces. Raw things such as woods and stones can be collected through cutting trees, mining, and by breaking stones into pieces; so you prepare to face the wilderness. To win the game or to survive, the player must gather resources and use them to craft items. The player must also have a sufficient amount of all-important things with advanced tools. Moreover, he would need more obscure materials scattered around to survive in the world of wilderness.
    • Build your goals make your dream come true: Explore endless world and build everything you like, from building the small houses to the ravishing vast castles; it’s totally up to you! Collect different tools or items that you will find from different places, which you will need for survival. Create, explore and survive while playing with a trustworthy partner on your mobile device. Make your own world of your own choice with one and only goal of survival. Animals, for example, pandas, lions, tigers and bears, act as a serious threat. No safe vibes come from other fighters either. Let your dream world become a reality and prepare for an odyssey!
    • Be the Last One Alive: People all around the globe play this game and fight for their own survival. Player vs player combat comprises of weapons, bullets, and guns. There are thousands of different types of guns. Their bullets travel with high intensity and velocity. Hit tracking calculates damage i.e. shot to sensitive areas of the body cause more damage than being hit by the other part of the body. The guns can be customized and enhanced by the use of weapon-attachments such as sight.
    • Excellent Graphics features for a smartphone game: One of the major strengths of the game are the immersive graphics of Last Day Rules: Survival. This game is much better than both PUBG mobile and ARK in this manner. The graphics of this game are made on a real 3D platform, focusing on even the smallest of details. The daylight effect changes normally, allowing players to experience the real life like environment. The music is exact accordingly to the scene of lively wild environment, which is extremely suitable for the survival game where you have to live or die. Last Day Rules: Survival is the best game in the market if you like survival genre of games and have the proper device that is compatible with this game.

Being an online survival game for the Android operating system and IOS, this game is much like the combination of two similar games, which are PUBG Mobile and Fortnite as earlier mentioned. However, offers more than both of them. Because of the very reason, this game have gained many positive and great reviews and have reached 50000+ Downloads on Google Play so far. 

Last Day Rules: Survival for PC with Bluestacks

How to install on PC Using bluestacks?

Bluestacks logoIf you do not have proper cell phone for gaming then do not be upset, because your computer will surely help you out.

  • Install Bluestacks App player from or through the given link
  • After it is downloaded, install Bluestacks player
  • Open the installed app Bluestacks
  • Go to the search bar at the top right corner and search for last day rule: survival.
  • Once installation completes, click the Last day rules: Survival icon in the My Apps tab.

Congratulations, you are done! Play and enjoy the game!

Alternative Method:


Nox logoAnother method is by using an emulator. However, you should be careful while selecting emulators. For that specific reason, we tested out many emulators and found Nox App Player to be of one the best emulators for your gaming experience… here are the following steps, which helps you to install this game using Nox App Player emulator.

The three steps for Downloading LAST DAY RULES: SURVIVAL on PC
Step 1: Download Nox , run the installer and wait for the installation until it gets 100%
Step 2: Download Nox using the links below
Step 3: Once Nox has been installed, you can now search for LAST DAY RULES: SURVIVAL and download on your PC.

Once you are finally done with downloading, open the game. Enjoy!

Download via APK File on Android:
How to install:

Here are the following list to follow:
For the installation of APK files and cache data of the game, you have to:

  • Click the installation of apps from other sources in the setting.
  • Download both the APK and obb file and wait for the download to complete.
  • After download, look in the file manager for the files, mostly the downloaded files are placed in downloads folder.
  • Install the app from APK and copy the obb file (cache folder) from the download archive to the SD/Android /obb/directory on your phone using the file manager. The result will be SD/obb/ Android/cache file folder /file *obb
  • Start the app by pressing on it.

How download via Play Store on Android:

Android logoIt is so simple to get this game on android; all you have to do is to download it from store. Every android user has a play store in their cell phone but make sure your android have enough space for downloading this game and play smoothly.

  • Open your play store
  • On the search bar at the top-left of the mobile, type Last Day Rules: Survival. The app will show you on the screen. Select game for downloading.
  • After its complete downloading, then you can open the game.


Last Day Rules: SURVIVAL on IOS:

iOS logoThis game is also available for IOS. Following are the steps you have to follow to play your game on IOS.

  • Open the app store and search for Last Day Rules: Survival
  • Start downloading it
  • Once downloaded, you can open the game.

Play and Enjoy with your friends.


As we all know that there are so many versions of IOS. Therefore, it might be a possibility for your version to be in compatible with the game.

For Last Day Rules: Survival you need to 9.1 or above versions of IOS.
Devices with the required compatible software includes:

  • iPhone 5s
  • iphone6
  • iPhone 6s plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7
  • iphone7 plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPad
  • iPod


  • This game is developed and published by NetEase Games.
  • Engine: Unity
  • Platform: Microsoft windows, Android, IOS
  • Release: Beta access
  • Genre:Battle royal
  • Mode:Multiplayer-only

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

    • Who created the Last Day Rules: Survival?

The creator of this game is NetEase Game.

    • hen this game was released and how?

This game The Last Day Rules: Survival first released via beta access in November 2017.

    • What happens at the beginning of the game?

This is an action-packed Battle Royale game. More than 300 unarmed fighters land into a vast battlefield using their parachutes.

    • How do you download the last day of rules: survival?

Downloading is very easy and quick process. All of the ways of downloading have explained above. Choose one of the ways you want to get the file. In just a few easy steps mentioned, you will be entertained by the full version of the game for tablet and phone.

    • How many downloads does Rules of survival have?

It is downloaded over 15 million times globally.

    • Strategies to win the last day rules: survival?
      Tips for the more wins in the game.

      1. land safely
      2. turn your sound up it will alert for incoming danger and makes you more involved into the game.
      3. All ways play for the Zone.
      4. Shoot and kill
      5. Do not use Vehicles unless you have to.
      6. conceal your position on Late Game.
      7. Double Check building before entering.
      8. prepare your weapons before engaging.
    • Is last day rules: survival free?

Last day rules: survival gaming app is free to download but offers a range of in-app purchases

    • Is last day rules: survival safe?

This game is excellent, live and multiplayer survival game and is safe for older teens.

    • Can last day rules: survival is capable of running on 1GB RAM?

No, Last Day Rules Survival will not run on 1GB of RAM. This game requires at least 1.4 GB of RAM.

    • The model of the game actually exists.

The model of the last day rules: Survival is set in Boston, Massachusetts, where the kids have grown up using their skills.

    • What is the first rule of last day rules: survival?

The first rule of the game is to survive. Therefore, your first concern should be knowledge and planning.

  • How can you get diamonds in Last Day Rules: Survival?
    To buy diamonds or Top Ups in Last Day Rules: Survival follow below steps:

    1. Connect to the internet using data or WIFI and open the Last Day Rules: Survival game app.
    2. One the store in the app and select the desired amount of you want to buy based on you regular load balance.
    3. Go to the store then select top up or click the (+) icon beside located on the upper part of the game menu.